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METR 1004, Introduction to Meteorology (Fall 2001)

Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms

AMS Journals Online 


METR 2603, Severe and Unusual Weather (Spring, 2001)

National Weather Center (Norman, Oklahoma)
Full Curriculum Vitae  METR 5413, Advanced Synoptic Meteorology School of Meteorology
Biographical Sketch METR 4133, Atmospheric Dynamics III (Fall 2011) Microsoft Technical Computing Science Advisory Board


    METR 4803, Hazardous Weather Detection and Prediction (Spring 2007) The University of Oklahoma
             METR 4433, Mesoscale Meteorology (Spring 2017) Advanced Regional Prediction System (ARPS)
METR 3113 Atmospheric Dynamics I (Fall 2016)  National Science Board
Office of the Vice President for Research

Major Projects

Real Time Weather

Current Research


Real Time ARPS Weather Forecasts

Yvette Richardson's Doctoral Dissertation Presentation

Integrated Radar Data Services (IRaDS)
Linked Environments for Atmospheric Discovery (LEAD)

Oklahoma Weather Roundup

Hee-Dong Yoo's Doctoral Dissertation Presentation
 Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA)

OU Weather Laboratory (OWL)

Edwin Adlerman's Doctoral Dissertation (105 MB PDF)
Oklahoma EDGE (Economic Development Generating Excellence) Weather and Climate Team Report


Selected Movies from Edwin Adlerman's Dissertation on Cyclic Storm Behavior
EDGE Action Plan Norman NWS Office New Video on LEAD
National Symposium on the Great Plains Tornado Outbreak of 3 May 1999 National Weather Service

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